What are some things you think about when you first wake up in the morning? Whatever this may be, eventually we need to decide what we are going to wear right? And what we decide to put on has a lot to do with what we will be experiencing throughout our day.

If its winter for instance, we will need to dress warm. Perhaps a sweater, a coat, gloves or a hat may be in order. On the other hand, summer has us dressing in shorts and T-shirts. And then there are events that depict our attire such as weddings, funerals, ball games, swimming, hiking, skiing, etc…, all requiring a different way of dressing.

How many of us begin our day thinking about how to spiritually dress? Maybe you know you’re going to be in a situation where a lot of hate is going to be shared; go ahead, put on some LOVE. LiveTheFruit-051413.jpg

If someone you know is living in a state of sadness put on some JOY and go give them a word of encouragement. We hear so often in the news about wars and rumors of wars. Many people I talk to are afraid of an impending bomb attack. Join me, if you know someone who lives in this state of fear, put on some PEACE  and let this peace bring them comfort.

To all the mothers and dads out there who are struggling with your children. Remember they are young, afraid, and insecure about their circumstances. Put on some PATIENCE and give them a listening ear, a shoulder to rest on and a long, long hug.

If you hear someone being verbally abused today, put on some KINDNESS and gently come along side their strife. If someone you know is lying, cheating and destroying the lives of many, go before them! But first, allow God to clothe you in GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS and GENTLENESS.

I am often surprised by the hurtful, unwise things that come from my mouth from time to time. Knowing that there is a possibility for that to happen I always ask my Tailor to wrap me firmly in SELF-CONTROL. I only want to bring a good, kind and honest word to my brother or sister, my enemy or friend. I find that beginning my day at the spiritual closet brings to everyone I encounter the person I desire to be and more importantly, reveals to me the very person they are in God’s eyes.

Do you prefer a “fruitful outlook” in life? Begin each morning visiting the spiritual closet. Get correctly clothed and see if at the end of the day your life hasn’t been wonderfully renewed!





I am the current Pastor at New Hope Church in Decatur, Indiana. My wife, Linda and I have been married for 29 years, raised four children, and now enjoy three grandsons with a grandaughter on the way! I am also a distributor for LifeVantage. I received my business degree at William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I then received my MA in Applied Theology at the Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. I love horses, bowling, golfing, and serving people where and whenever I can!

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